Topographic Survey with Total station

Topographic Survey

Line Design Technology Limited has an experienced team of professionals with the necessary skills to deliver a detailed and exact topographic survey for your project.

Often seen as a crucial first step, a topographic survey will help project designers see the exact location and elevations of all the natural and artificial features within the parcel of land surveyed.

Due to the precise nature of a topographic survey, the data collection work needs an experienced professional with an eye for detail.

The data collected can then be transposed into 3D plans that will play a vital role in planning the proposed development. By clearly understanding the relationship between existing and proposed features, the project manager can quickly address any questions from key stakeholders.

By investing in the latest survey technology, we can conduct our survey efficiently, thus saving you time and money.

Topographic Survey - What's the process?

We conduct topographic surveys using a combination of Total Station and Survey-Grade GPS.

Our Total Station is positioned at a good vantage point to record all site features. We also use our survey-grade RKT GPS unit to localise our surveys to Ordnance Survey OSGB coordinates.

Our expertise ensures you get survey data that is both accurate and correctly located to the national datum.

What kit do we use?

Our Company Surveyors are equipped with Sokkia Total stations and Carlson BRx7 GNSS receivers.

As our equipment enables us to work on Ordnance Survey OSGB datum, we thus ensure compatibility with your existing and 3rd party data.

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