The process: Setting Out

Setting out on-site for construction involves the use of precise measurement techniques to accurately mark out positions for foundations, walls, columns, and other structural components. The process begins with the interpretation of construction drawings and verification of the site layout. The layout is typically established using surveying equipment such as theodolites, total stations, or GPS systems. Once the site is fully surveyed, markers are then set at specified points using pegs or stakes. These markers help guide construction workers during the excavation, concreting, and erection of structural components. Quality control checks are carried out at each stage to ensure that the construction is on course. Set out reports are generated that detail the positions of all structural components and are used by construction teams to ensure accuracy throughout the construction process. Ultimately, the success of any construction project depends on the precision of the setting out on-site.

The benefits: Why hire Us to Set Out Your Site

Hiring a professional site engineer to set out for construction can bring numerous benefits to a project. First and foremost, they are trained to accurately measure and map the site, ensuring that the construction is built within the allocated boundaries and in accordance with the specifications. This can help prevent costly mistakes and rework later on. Secondly, a site engineer can provide technical expertise and advice in areas such as soil conditions, drainage, and structural stability. They can also anticipate potential problems and propose solutions to mitigate them. Additionally, hiring a site engineer can help improve the overall efficiency of the project by reducing the time and resource required for construction. Finally, using a professional site engineer can provide peace of mind that the construction is being carried out to a high standard, in compliance with industry regulations and safety standards.

The drawbacks: What it going to cost me?

Hiring a site engineer can be expensive and communication may pose challenges, but benefits include precise measurements and efficient resource management. Regular power line surveys can prevent outages and help with long-term planning for capacity expansion or resource allocation.

What kit do we use?

Our Company Surveyors are equipped with Sokkia Total stations and Carlson BRx7 GNSS receivers. We also have available the latest 3D laser scanners from Topcon.

As our equipment enables us to work on Ordnance Survey OSGB datum, we thus ensure compatibility with your existing and 3rd party data.

Peg in the ground

Setting Out

Setting out is the marking of structural elements on a building site from design plans to ensure accuracy, safety, and quality of construction work. It prevents costly errors and delays during excavation and foundation activities.

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