Overhead Line Design

Line Design Technology is a reputable company specialising in providing professional solutions for overhead line design challenges. They have a team of skilled engineers who work diligently with customers to provide tailored solutions, whether it is a new installation or an alteration to an existing overhead line.

The company uses state-of-the-art software and precision tools to design, analyse and optimise overhead lines that meet customer specifications and regulatory requirements. Customers can trust that the company provides reliable, cost-effective, and efficient designs that meet their requirements. In addition to design solutions, Line Design Technology has a broad range of consultancy services that offer expert advice on design strategies, technical specifications, and project management.

Our company is committed to delivering personalised service, working collaboratively with customers to meet their needs.

Our Services

Using the latest design software from Autodesk, Microsoft, Bentley and Optimal, we are able to provide the following types of documentation.

  • Overhead Line profiles
  • Overhead Line route plans
  • Erection Sag and Tension Documents
  • Wood Poles Schedules
  • Tower Line Schedules
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Wood Pole Foundation Design & Analysis
  • Wire Clearance and Downlead Drawings

The benefits: Why Choose Line Design Technology

Line Design Technology provides top-quality power line design services that meet industry standards and safety requirements. They work closely with clients to create efficient, cost-effective, and reliable designs using cutting-edge software and an experienced team. Line Design Technology also offers ongoing support to ensure successful implementation. Whether it's new design, upgrading, maintenance or repair, customers can rely on them for high-quality solutions.

Power Line Design: Best Practice

Power line design involves identifying power needs and voltage requirements, selecting materials and equipment, following regulations, planning routes to avoid impacts, maintaining clearances, using appropriate cables and insulators, and ensuring durable installation. Periodic maintenance and inspections help prevent faults and optimize longevity.

Our Clients

Line Design Technology is a trusted engineering provider for power transmission and distribution. Highly satisfied clients include Scottish Power Manweb, Northern Powergrid, Keltbray DT, and PLPC, to name a few. Our company's focus on innovation, service quality, and customer satisfaction has made it a preferred partner in the power industry.

Overhead Line Design

We offer reliable overhead line design services adhering to industry standards. Our team provides feasibility studies, consultation, structural analysis, and more. Contact us for your design needs.

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