Engineering drawing of ST Tower

Overhead Line Design

The design of overhead lines needs to consider the Safety, Quality and Continuity of Supply. Technical Standards need to be adhered to, and CDM plays a vital part in designing power networks.

As well as conducting overhead line surveys, Line Design Technology Limited staff are also skilled in the production of overhead line designs.

This detailed design is based on the data collected in the initial survey and is necessary when obtaining consent for a project to move ahead.

Additionally, contractors will refer to the overhead line design when the time comes to purchase the requisite materials and then throughout the actual construction of the power lines.

LDT design engineers use computer-aided design software to create detailed schematics that include the foundation requirements, the sag and swing of conductors, and the forces imposed on the power lines by the surrounding environment.

Whats the process?

We consider the design specification to determine the essential project requirements are, and we will then tailor our solution to fit the specific need of our client. The end goal is always to offer workable technical solutions.

What software do we use?

Optimal Pole/Tower CAD
Autodesk Fusion 360, AutoCAD
Carlson Survey, Point Cloud, Civil


Porth Wen Solar - 132kV POC Pole

Cheshire Farmers - 33kV Tower Recovery

Wem Substation - 132kV Gantry Structure

Omega West - 132kV Trident Diversion

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