Drone out flying to conduct mapping and survey missions

Drone Mapping and survey

An aerial survey collects geomatics or other imagery by using aeroplanes, helicopters, and drones. Drone mapping and survey is the most cost effective solution for aerial maps.

Line Design Technology Limited are proud to offer drone survey and mapping services that can be completed promptly while still delivering highly accurate results and remaining cost-effective.

This is all thanks to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly referred to as drones.

This type of aerial survey enables LDT to reach areas that are difficult to access without the exorbitant costs and higher altitudes of helicopter surveying.

In addition to being licensed in the operation of remote-controlled aircraft, LDT also has the necessary permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out authorised aerial surveys.

Whats the process?

All commercial drone flights need permission from the CAA, with a few exceptions for micro aircraft.

First, we define the flight area and determine the necessary permissions for the flight. Once we have take-off clearance, the drone is put into the air and collects the needed data.

This information is then used to produce deliverables such as orthomosaics and point cloud models.

What kit do we use?

Our current fleet of drones includes a DJI M210, a Mavic Pro, and a custom-built heavy-lift Vulcan X8.

The M210 is our primary mapping done as it is equipped with the DJI X4S camera with a mechanical shutter.

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