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Portakabin was tasked with supplying and installing a modular office block at the Ingevity site in Warrington. The site is complex, with polymer production being a critical component. Adjacent to the installation area was a 132kV overhead power line running along the site’s northern border. This power line posed a significant risk to the lifting operation, requiring the determination of safe working distances to ensure that the lift could be carried out safely. To accomplish this, Line Design Technology was enlisted to conduct a swing clearance survey of the overhead line in accordance with HSE guidance GS6 and ENA 43-8 Overhead Line Clearances.
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The survey involved conducting an overhead line survey using RTK GNSS to determine the exact position of the overhead line using Ordnance Survey OSGB coordinates. Additionally, a Total Station survey was conducted to accurately record the 3D location of the conductor attachment points and insulator locations. Using this precise data, LDT was able to generate a three-dimensional model of the power line using AutoCAD and Optimal Design software. By understanding the precise location of the conductor in relation to its sag and swing, LDT provided guidance on the optimal placement for lifting portacabins, ensuring the safety of crane operators and ground workers.
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LDT skillfully utilized their expertise to model the overhead line and construct a detailed 3D model of the crane. This enabled them to thoroughly assess every phase of work involved in the project. Additionally, they meticulously produced a set of 2D line profiles that precisely illustrated how much the conductor would sag and swing at its highest design temperature. The purpose behind creating these profiles was to ensure that all safety distances were accurately implemented in accordance with statutory guidance. Ultimately, this allowed Portakabin to successfully install their office block and continue with further development on site.
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