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Line Design Technology has been commissioned by SP Manweb to assess swing clearance for transmission lines crossing the proposed HS2 rail project. The HS2 project was introduced in 2009, in response to the growing need for enhanced rail capacity, improved connectivity, and economic development between major UK cities. LDT recognizes the significance of several transmission lines crossing the proposed railway line, and the importance of ensuring safe distances are understood. Our team at LDT is fully capable of conducting swing clearance assessments, as we possess the necessary equipment and expertise to understand the safe working clearances to railways as defined in the statutory regulations.
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Aerial Drone Mapping | Swing Clearance Surveys

High Speed Railway


LDT performed a series of Topographic Surveys on the transmission lines that intersect with the proposed project. In addition to these surveys, various Aerial Drone surveys were conducted to map the HS2 route and line crossings. Through the application of photogrammetry, the terrain was precisely mapped and a 3D point cloud was generated for each crossing. This data was instrumental in creating line profiles and swing clearance drawings, providing key stakeholders with information on the required clearances for the proposed railway.
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We efficiently executed the mapping of each crossing and utilized advanced modeling techniques to demonstrate the proposed railway and gantry infrastructure. Our team of highly skilled engineers provided a range of options to key stakeholders in the project. This enabled them to be well informed with respect to the necessary statutory clearances and allowed effective risk mitigation strategies to be proposed for passing under transmission lines.
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