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Health & Safety Policy Statement

The Company's Safety Policy is:

  • To ensure that work activities do not adversely affect the health or safety of employees or anybody else.

  • To consult with employees concerning their Health & Safety.

  • To ensure that plant and equipment are safe.

  • To offer information, instruction and supervision to ensure the safety of employees.

  • To ensure that employees are competent to carry out their work and offer suitable training.

  • To avoid accidents and ill health resulting from work.

  • To ensure that safe and healthy working conditions are maintained at all times.

  • To review the Health & Safety Policy as frequently as necessary, always keeping it up to date.

All staff must:

  • Co-operate with the Company in matters concerning Health & Safety.

  • Not tamper or interfere with anything provided to safeguard Health & Safety.

  • Take care of their own Health & Safety and that of others.

  • Report any concerns about matters affecting Health & Safety to their Line Manager in the first instance.

The Company will:

  • Ensure that safe working procedures are established and monitor their use

  • Maintain all plant and equipment.

  • Give Health & Safety advice to all new employees on induction.

  • Monitor young workers and trainees.

  • Co-ordinate job specific training.

Surveying Safely