Newtown Bypass 11kV & 33kV Diversions

Surveying overhead line across a motorway


As part of the Newtown bypass scheme LDT were engaged by Scottish Power to survey all the existing overhead lines affected by the new bypass.

Detailed topographic surveys were conducted using total station and RTK GNSS.

This enabled the design engineers to determine which overhead lines needed to be diverted and which lines could stay.

By using the established control on the project, the lines could be merged with the digital model of the proposed bypass to facilitate clash detection.

This approach enabled the statutory clearances to be maintained to the new road surface and ensure safe operation of the network.

Once all the surveys were completed and a report produced outlining the lines to be diverted, LDT were able to use the digital model to plan and set out the proposed diversions.

This flexible approach enabled the various stake holders in the project to come up with collaborative solutions to the need for undergrounding the existing network.