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The Power Line Experts

With almost 20 years of experience and an impressive catalogue of completed projects, Line Design Technology Limited offers independent technical consulting services throughout the UK.

First established in 2010, LDT quickly established a solid reputation within the electricity industry as a customer-driven company with a forward-thinking approach.

This reputation is backed by an experienced team of senior staff members who are committed to delivering projects on time and within the specified budget.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a dedicated, professional manner, LDT has been delighted to work with some of the biggest names in the electricity and construction industry on a repeated basis.

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Topographic Survey

Line Design Technology Limited has an experienced team of professionals who have the necessary skills to deliver detailed and exact topographical surveys.

Often seen as a crucial first step, a topographic survey will help project designers to see the exact location and elevations of all the natural and man-made features within the parcel of land being surveyed.

Due to the precise nature of a topographic survey, it is crucial that the data collection work is carried out by an experienced professional with an eye for detail.

This data can then be transposed into 3D plans that will play a vital role in planning the proposed development.

Overhead Line Survey

Similar in scope to a topographic survey, an overhead line survey focuses on creating an accurate and detailed ground profile.

This survey is crucial for determining the exact undulation of a parcel of land, knowledge that is in turn, critical in the design of new or refurbished/rebuilt power lines.

Accuracy must be a key feature of overhead line surveying, as power lines need to comply with statutory clearance requirements. Line Design Technology Limited employs a range of methods, including survey-grade receivers, to produce precise survey results.

The finalised overhead line survey can then be used to create compliant route plans.

Aerial Survey

Line Design Technology Limited are proud to offer aerial surveys which can be completed in a timely manner, while still delivering highly accurate results and remaining cost-effective.

This is all thanks to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly referred to as drones.

This type of aerial survey enables LDT to reach areas that may be difficult to access, without the exorbitant costs and higher altitudes associated with helicopter surveying.

In addition to being licensed in the operation of remote-controlled aircraft, LDT also has the necessary permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out authorised aerial surveys.

Overhead Line Design

As well as conducting overhead line surveys, Line Design Technology Limited staff are also skilled in the production of overhead line designs.

This type of detailed design is based on the data collected in the initial survey and is necessary when obtaining consent for a project to move ahead.

Additionally, contractors will refer to the overhead line design when the time comes to purchase the requisite materials, and then throughout the actual construction of the power lines.

LDT design engineers use computer-aided design software to create detailed schematics that include the foundation requirements, the sag and swing of conductors, and the forces that will be imposed on the power lines by the surrounding environment.

GIS/Web Mapping

Effectively communicating the complexities of location-based data can be a challenge.

Often there is a need for specialist software to view and interact with geographic datasets.

LDT offers online web mapping portals that enable end users to make the most of accurate geospatial data collected as part of a survey or inspection activities.

The advantage of a web-based system is the simplicity of just using an internet browser - on a PC or mobile device, to leverage highly detailed geographic data.

By centralising the data in the cloud, clients and end users can be assured that they are looking at the most up to date version, which ensures project deadlines are met and quality is maintained.

Engineering Consultancy

In addition to a range of design and surveying work, Line Design Technology Limited also offers engineering consultancy services, providing independent expertise to those working within the electrical industry.

With a skilled and knowledgeable consultancy team, LDT can answer questions with regards to specific developments (acting as an expert witness when required) and aid in determining the best route, specifications, and materials for an overhead power line project.

The engineering consultancy offered by LDT gives clients access to a range of practical and innovative solutions for the design, construction and ongoing maintenance of overhead power lines.

Our Customers

The key to our success is down to the fact that we understand our customers needs and adapt our services to meet their expectations.

We have a flexible approach to work and focus on results and the best way to achieve our goals.

Its not enough to offer a one size fits all approach, we tailor our service offering to assist our clients to maximise their investment in our company.

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