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Aerial Survey

Line Design Technology Limited are proud to offer aerial surveys which can be completed in a timely manner, while still delivering highly accurate results and remaining cost-effective.

This is all thanks to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly referred to as drones.

This type of aerial survey enables LDT to reach areas that may be difficult to access, without the exorbitant costs and higher altitudes associated with helicopter surveying.

In addition to being licensed in the operation of remote-controlled aircraft, LDT also has the necessary permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out authorised aerial surveys.

Below are details of some of the projects we've worked on over the years

Total Station

West Kirby Sailing Club

West Kirby Sailing Club - LDT

Wirral Council were looking to redevelop the sailing centre at West Kirby Marina.

Part of the project included an extension to the existing sailing centre consisting of a café and waters sports venue.

LDT were engaged to provide high resolution imagery of the existing building to assist with the planning application. The wharf area was flown using our custom-built mapping drone.

Using the latest photogrammetry software by Pix4D a 3D model of the building and surrounding area was produced.

By utilising survey grade GNSS (GPS) we were able to accurately establish the dimensions of the existing building which allowed us to take the 3D concept model produced by the Councils architects and insert it into the virtual model.

This enabled us to produce a 3D flythrough of the proposed development, which was used for public engagement and planning.

Llangollen Pipeline Inspection

Aerial Pipeline Survey at Llangollen

Welsh Water engaged our services to inspect a concrete pipe that was at an inaccessible location adjacent to the steam railway in Llangollen.

Using our inspection drone we were able to fly alongside the pipe and capture high resolution pictures of the joints and hanging brackets.

By using a remote aircraft, we were able to avoid placing our staff in danger, close to the River Dee. This saved the cost of expensive scaffolding and additional safety measures.

The flight was conducted early in the morning to avoid the crowds at this popular tourist destination. Our team consisted of a remote pilot, a camera operator and three additional spotters located at strategic locations on the bridge and station platform.

This ensured we were able to conduct the flight within our CAA permission and ensure safety for all persons.

Once the flying was done, a detailed report along with the photographs and video were uploaded to our client portal for use by Welsh Waters engineers.

360° Panoramas

360° Image - LDT

We can produce 360° panoramas of your site quickly and efficiently using our specialist drone.

A 360° view is the ideal way of capturing the general details of your site to enable documentation and collaboration with the wider project team.

Our panoramas give you rapid access to rich contextual data that will give you a better understanding of the key features of your site.

The turn around time for 360° panoramas is less than 24 hours from a site visit, so you truly can have the most up to date information of your assets.

Click on the links below to see some sample panoramas.

Aerial Mapping

Aerial Map - LDT

Aerial mapping is a quick and effective way to survey large areas in a short space of time.

By capturing the view from above, detailed aerial maps can be produced to compliment traditional surveying methods.

Using our custom-built mapping drone, we can effectively map large areas to a high accuracy.

Backed by our extensive experience in traditional surveying, we are able to make the most of drone technology to produce actionable data, rather than just a pretty picture.

Our detailed orthoimages and point clouds are spatially accurate to Ordnance Survey OSGB coordinates.

This enables our deliverables to be used in GIS and CAD software, to give designers and engineers the data they need to make key decisions that shape a project.

Click on the links below to see samples of our data.